Colocation Hosting India

We will roll out our Colocation plans soon.
What our Customers say about us

I've used Dranzel's dedicated server. I did not face any issue. For me that is important. - Jai Chaturvedi

Say NO to cheap services

Many Web Hosting companies reduce their prices to lure more customers to signup for their services. Most of the time, clients face problems of slow server, site problems, etc. which is a result of piling up horde of clients on the same server. The company has to profit some way or the other so they end up overselling the server & network resulting in poor performance for their client. We here at Dranzel understand the customer's need. Our prices may seem high as we tend to focus on delivering Quality of Service (QoS) which cannot be traded off at a cheap price. We are not looking to rapidly gain customers and pile them up on an oversold server. We understand each client's needs & wants carefully. So we are here to give you benefits rather than features.

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